Prior Service Benefits

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Prior Service Benefits

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Your prior service experience and training have made you who you are today. Take a look at the benefits of joining the Michigan Army National Guard for both you and your family.


The requirement to attend refresher or basic training depends on your prior training and break in service:

• There is no basic training required for those with less than a 5-year break in service and have completed Army or Marine Corps basic training, Air Force or Navy Special Operations Training, or Air Force security forces.

• If there is a 5 year break or more for those that have completed the above training will attend Army Basic Training

• If you have not completed the training in the 1st bullet above, Army Basic Training Depending on your advanced training and the MOS you enlist     
  into, there may be an additional requirement to attend AIT


Our education benefits are some of the most important benefits for students serving in the Michigan Army National Guard. Several programs combine to provide an education package that often meets or exceeds the cost of tuition, books, and fees at most colleges and universities in Michigan. Students that are in the Michigan Army National Guard also enjoy state-specific benefits in addition to their federal education programs.


Michigan National Guard State Tuition Assistance Program: Reimburses the student for any tuition or fees not covered by other benefits 

Tuition Grant Program: Offered at several Michigan colleges and universities and reduces tuition in the form of a grant. You need only be in the Michigan National Guard to qualify.


Montgomery GI Bill: Depending on your prior service, there are a few GI Bills for which you may qualify. Even if you have given your prior GI Bill to a dependent, you may qualify to pick up another one for yourself. Your recruiter can help determine which one.

Federal Tuition Assistance Program: Paid directly to the school each semester

Student Loan Repayment Program: Paid directly to the lender for existing or future qualified student loans

Credentialing Assistance Program: Toward receiving or renewing a professional credential or license to include classes, training, testing, and equipment

*Ask your recruiter about current amounts and eligibility


Monthly Pay: For training two days a month, Guard members are paid the equivalent of four days of active duty pay

Active Duty Pay: Each year, Guard members train and receive active duty pay for annual training. Soldiers also receive active pay during deployments, basic training, and attending service schools.


You may qualify for an enlistment bonus depending on your situation, even if you are not MOS Qualified

*Ask your recruiter about current amounts and eligibility


Retirement Benefits: If you serve 20 years of total combined service, you will be entitled to retirement benefits. Any contributions you make to your TSP are portable should you choose not to serve the full 20 years. Because you are able to hold a civilian job during your enlistment, your Guard benefits will be in addition to other civilian benefits you’ve earned.

V.A. Home Loans: Let Veterans Affairs help you get into your own house. Guard Soldiers may be eligible for home loans with little to no down payment.

Commissary and Exchange Privileges: Enjoy shopping at military commissary and exchanges around the world, including online shopping.
Space-A Travel and Military Recreational 

Facilities: Free military flights, if space available, and discounted rates for military recreational facilities world-wide.


TRICARE Dental Program