• FAQs

What does enlisting in the Michigan Army National Guard entail?

When you enlist in the Michigan Army National Guard, you commit to a 3 or 6-year term of service. Your commitment will typically involve training for one weekend per month and two weeks each summer. The benefits you receive will be based on the terms of your enlistment contract such as bonuses, student loan debt repayment, and military schools.

What should I expect during Basic Combat Training?

Basic Combat Training (BCT) is your introduction to life in the U.S. Army, conducted at one of four posts across the country: Fort Moore, GA; Fort Jackson, SC; Fort Leonard Wood, MO; or Fort Sill, OK. Lasting ten weeks, your training location depends on your chosen specialty and includes instruction in rifle marksmanship, first aid, and basic Soldier skills. BCT is designed to be rigorous and demanding, but sets you up to achieve your goals of becoming a Soldier in the Michigan Army National Guard.

What happens during a drill weekend?

Drill weekends, typically held Saturday and Sunday, involve both training and administrative activities to ensure readiness. During these sessions, you and you unit might engage in weapons qualifications, land navigation, first aid training, vehicle maintenance, and handling promotions and awards.

What is Annual Training?

Annual Training (AT) involves at least two weeks of intensive training, generally during the summer. AT can take place locally, in another state, or even overseas, depending on your unit's objectives.

Can I go to school while I am in the Michigan Army National Guard?

Absolutely! The Michigan Army National Guard supports your educational goals with several benefits, including the Michigan National Guard State Tuition Assistance Program, College grants, the G.I. Bill, and Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA). These benefits often cover the full cost of tuition, books, and fees, allowing you to earn your degree while fulfilling your service commitments.

What are the chances of being deployed overseas?

Members of the National Guard have a proud history of serving both at home and abroad. Michigan Soldiers have participated in missions such as Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom, Enduring Freedom, and Inherent Resolve, continuing to play a vital role in national defense.

Can I join with a GED?

Yes, the Michigan Army National Guard currently accepts GED holders. However, recruitment standards may vary, so it's best to check with your local recruiter for the most current information.

What if I don't have a High School Diploma or GED?

If you are a high school junior or senior, you can join at 17 years old. Otherwise, you must obtain a GED or another accredited high school equivalency to be eligible. Students from alternative education or homeschool backgrounds should consult with a recruiter to verify their eligibility based on their specific circumstances.

Will I get expedited citizenship if I join the Michigan Army National Guard?

Yes, all Soldiers that join as a Legal Permanent Resident will have their citizenship expedited. Once application is sent to USCIS process should take an average of 90 days.