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Active to Guard Transfers




Great Lakes - Great Careers

If you enjoy being outdoors, you’ll love what we have to offer recreationally like hunting, fishing year-round and fun on the snow and ice. Our Department of Natural Resources is military friendly and offers free hunting and fishing licenses. Michigan is home to many beautiful state and national parks. The mix of urban and rural areas provide for some amazing free time! Enjoy a night at one of our casinos, award winning brew pubs, hiking sand dunes, camping, snowmobiling, snow boarding, or just enjoy a relaxing sunrise (or sunset) on one of our Great Lakes beaches.

36 Month Stabilization:

Need a break from deployments? Joining the Michigan National Guard gives you a 36-month deferment from involuntary federal mobilizations. Of course, this policy is waivable should you choose to deploy within your 36-month stabilization period.

Transition Advantages:

Helmets to Hardhats: Provides one-on-one training with Union Apprenticeship Training Centers, Contractors, Veterans and Workforce Development/State Agencies

Credentialing Assistance (CA): Do you need a professional certification or credentials? CA will provide Soldiers up to $4,000 each year to pay for an eligible credential. This covers expenses for classroom, hands-on, online/blended training and associated materials to include: Manuals, study guides, textbooks, processing fees, test fees, related fees for continuing education requirement, and recertification of credentials. Some of the most popular certifications offered are:

• Associate Professional in HR (aPHR)
• Certified Logistics Technician (CLT)
• Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
• Certified Welder (CW)
• CompTIA
• Commercial Driver License (CDL)
• Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
• Lean Six Sigma
• Project Management Professional (PMP)
• Private Pilot, Airplane Single Engine
• CompTIA A+ CompTIA Security

Guard Career Opportunities:

Retain or Retrain your MOS     

Whether you want to stay in your current MOS or switch to a different MOS the option is here for you in the Michigan Army National Guard. Any MOS that is available upon meeting with your Transition Counselor that you qualify for is open for retraining.

Career Progression

In order to ensure the best NCOs are in place to lead our Soldiers, all of our NCO vacancies are open to personnel transitioning from Active Duty. Retain your current rank as well as your TIG and TIS regardless of your MOS decision. With a multitude of vacancies across all Career Management Fields and several battalions across the state, your chances for promotion are better than ever.

Become an Officer

Warrant Officers are in very high demand in the Michigan Army National Guard, especially CYBER and ORDINANCE WOs. Unlike the active Army or Army Reserve, Warrant Officers in the Guard do not compete against peers for promotion by a selection board. Promotions are unit vacancy based and are almost guaranteed once the officer is in good standing and meets the time in grade and military education requirements. If you have 90 semester hours of college, consider becoming a Commissioned Officer by attending state OCS one weekend per month or knock it out at full-time federal OCS.

Michigan Education Benefits:

Michigan National Guard State Tuition Assistance Program: Available exclusively to students serving in the Michigan National Guard attending a college, university, technical, trade, or vocational school. Pays up to $14,400 per fiscal year. This program reimburses students for any tuition, books, or fees not covered by other benefits.

Montgomery G.I. Bill Selected Reserve (Chap. 1606): Have you transferred your Post 9/11 G.I. Bill? As a guard member, you qualify for another G.I. Bill, Chap. 1606, so your dependents and you can go to school. The 1606 G.I. Bill allows you to pocket up to $397 per month as of October 1st, 2020. There is also a $200 kicker if qualified.

Federal Tuition Assistance Program: FTA pays up to $250 per semester hour, up to $4,000 per fiscal year. Student Loan Repayment Program: For qualified service members who have existing qualified student loans at the time of enlistment.

Student Loan Repayment Program: For qualified service members who have existing qualified student loans at the time of enlistment. The Student Loan Repayment program pays up to $50,000 directly to the lending institution.

ROTC Benefits: In addition to the above benefits, if you choose to contract into the ROTC program, you will receive a living stipend of $420 per month, a book stipend of $1,200 per year, and a GI Bill Kicker increase to $350 per month. Also you may apply for ROTC scholarships that pay either 100% tuition and fees or room and board. Your will drill as a cadet in pay in pay grade E-5 while receiving real leadership experience.


Other Pay and Benefits:

Monthly Pay:

When you transition to the Michigan Army National Guard, you retain your time in grade, time in service, and time toward your retirement. During your monthly drill, you are paid at double the amount of what you would receive on active duty per day. During annual training and all service schools, you are paid at the active duty pay scale.

Opportunities for Active Duty in the Guard:

Looking for full-time positions in the Guard? There are positions available as Active Guard Reserve (AGR) which is a permanent active duty position as support staff. Examples include unit readiness, supply, training, and recruiting positions. There are also temporary full-time positions too such as One Time Occasional Tour (OTOT) and Active Duty for Operational Support (ADOS). These temporary positions are available for as long as the mission is required and renew annually for ADOS positions and 2-year tours as an OTOT.

Tricare: Tricare Healthcare (Reserve Select)

Enrollment is $47.20/month for a single Soldier and $238.99/month for families. This is almost always much less than what your civilian employer can offer. Not taking your civilian employers health benefits is a good tool for salary negotiation! There is also a Tricare Dental Program with premiums ranging from $11.60 to $86.97/month depending on your marital and family status.


You’re already part way there. Your prior years of service count toward a National Guard retirement. You are eligible after a combined 20 years of service, but you can serve in the Guard until age 60 regardless of your time in service. Take advantage of a retirement you’ve already started. Retirement pay starts at age 60.

Your days of active service converts into retirement points. A full year of service equals 365 retirement points. An average year in the Guard will earn you 75 points per year. So, you can see how far ahead of the retirement game you already are. The more points you accumulate, the higher your pension will be. PLUS, you’ll get an additional $50.00/month if 20 years was spent in the Michigan Army National Guard.

If you elect to enroll in the Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP), your spouse will still continue to receive 55% of your retirement pay after your death. Also, after you retire you are automatically enrolled in Tricare.